Pond Fountain

In order to oxygenate your pond, you will need to use a pond aerator such as a pond fountain. This is essential if you want a healthy pond or lake regardless of the season. In summer or winter, a pond fountain is needed to provide oxygen within the pond. During colder weather, a pond fountain supplies water movement at the surface to prevent the top of the pond from freezing. This will allow oxygen to flow through the hole and provide a means for toxic gases from decomposing organic matter in the pond to escape. In addition to the basic function, a pond fountain will also add aesthetically to your pond. If you are in the market for a pond fountain, please browse our selection of fountains.

"Kasco Marine Pond Fountain without Lights — 1/4 HP,  Model# 1400“JF 050"

"Kasco Marine Pond Fountain without Lights — 1/4 HP, Model# 1400“JF 050"

"5 interchangeable nozzles offer a choice of displays that enhance any pond. Complete kit includes float, 50ft. power cord, two 15ft. mooring ropes, C-25 timer control box with GFCI protection, photo eye and 5 nozzle patterns. 3.1 (running) Amp draw. Minimum operating depth is 12in. Light kit sold separately (Item# 108692). U.S.A.Image shows pond fountain with optional light kit. Purchase light kit separately. 5 nozzle patterns include:Eagles Nest (large V; 3 1/2ft. tall x 10ft. wide)Hawks Nest (small V; 3ft. tall x 7ft. wide)2-tier Condor ( 4ft. tall x 4ft. wide inner tier; 2ft. tall x 10ft. wide outer tier)Falcon (narrow arch; 4ft. tall x 4ft. wide)Osprey (wide arch; 3 1/2ft. tall x 7ft. wide)U.S.A.Model 1400“JF 050"

Chelsea Lily Fountain

Chelsea Lily Pond Fountain

Simply place this lily water feature into your pond drop the anchor and the three solar panels on top absorb the sunís energy to power the fountain. The fountain pump is housed within the base of the lily and can generate a maximum fountain height of 60c

Kasco 1/2 HP Display Pond Aerator

Kasco 1/2 HP Display Pond Fountain Aerator

"120 Volt display aerator with black float ring. Produces a V-shaped display pattern 12-ft. in diameter and 4ft. high. Includes power cord, C-25 (120V) control box, two 50-ft. black mooring ropes, plus a top and bottom screen. 2-year limited warranty. U.S.A. Factory shipped. 1/2 HP5 Amp @ 120V50ft. power cord12ft. dia. x 4ft.H display."


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