Fountain Aerator

In order to oxygenate your pond, you will need to use a pond aerator such as a fountain aerator. This is essential if you want a healthy pond or lake regardless of the season. In summer or winter, a fountain aerator is needed to provide oxygen within the pond. During colder weather, a fountain aerator supplies water movement at the surface to prevent the top of the pond from freezing. This will allow oxygen to flow through the hole and provide a means for toxic gases from decomposing organic matter in the pond to escape. In addition to the basic function, a fountain aerator will also add aesthetically to your pond. If you are in the market for a fountain aerator, please browse our selection of aerators.


Skyward Big Shot™ Fountain

Skyward Big Shot™ Fountain Aerator

The Big Shot™ Fountain creates a breathtaking cascade of water that sounds as beautiful as it looks. It now comes with an adjustable head. The 1/2 HP/110 Volt system Big Shot™ Skyward Fountain emits a single skyward jet pattern surrounded by a mushroom shaped spray pattern. Spray pattern is 15-25 feet high and 10-15 feet in diameter. Mushroom nozzle shoots at 45° and both skyward and mushroom jets have adjustable nozzles. U.S.A. Pumps 50 gallons per minute

"Kasco Marine Pond Fountain with Lights — 1/4 HP,  Model# 1400“JFL 050"

"Kasco Marine Pond Fountain Aerator with Lights — 1/4 HP, Model# 1400“JFL 050"

"5 interchangeable nozzles offer a choice of displays that enhance any pond. Complete kit includes LED light ring, float, 50ft. power cord, two 15ft. mooring ropes, C-25 timer control box with GFCI protection, photo eye, low-voltage transformer for lights and 5 nozzle patterns. 3.1 (running) Amp draw. Minimum operating depth is 12in. U.S.A. q5 nozzle patterns include:Eagles Nest (large V; 3 1/2ft. tall x 10ft. wide)Hawks Nest (small V; 3ft. tall x 7ft. wide)2-tier Condor ( 4ft. tall x 4ft. wide inner tier; 2ft. tall x 10ft. wide outer tier)Falcon (narrow arch; 4ft. tall x 4ft. wide)Osprey (wide arch; 3 1/2ft. tall x 7ft. wide)U.S.A.Model 1400“JFL 050"

BIG SHOT™ Floating Fountain

BIG SHOT™ Floating Fountain Aerator

""Powerful aerator and centrifugal pump give your pond the spectacular beauty of high, cascading water action and sound. Shoots five water jets in a 4-leaf clover pattern. Center stream shoots 15-20 feet high, four outside streams shoot 10-15 feet high. This item will ship to you straight from the manufacturer. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery.""


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